Epiphany in Photo




20151122_190216_resized 20151122_190259_resized 20151122_190813_resized 20151122_191829_resized 20151122_193329_resized 20151122_193502_resized 20151122_193723_resized 20151122_193950_resized20151108_104811~2 20151108_104651~2 20151108_102856~2 Ros Visit 2 Francie Keats Preaching The Ladies Recession Josee Sermon interior1.jpg Seymour Lighting Candle Procession Preparing Eucharist Maundy IMG_20141104_074043 Kitchen Lift Baptism 2 Ben Waring nmaking presentation

Patrick cutting cake Josee Preaching 10-26 Baptism Patricks last words Saying farewell Sunday School giving Patrick cards Sunday School Confirmation Baptism 2 IMG_20140323_105111 The cake Baptism 1 20140207_084043 20140207_090425

Brian and Joyce

Brian and Joyce

Epiphany Cake IMG-20130418-00084 IMG-20130418-00085 IMG_20140304_181123 IMG_20140304_181607 IMG_20140304_181546 IMG_20140304_181116 IMG_20140304_181120 Breakfast 2-7 b Breakfast 2-7 c Feb 7 Breakfast a IMG-20121104-00059 IMG-20120115-00053 036 stained glass jesus 144 213

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