Epiphany’s Epistle

Easter with Epiphany  

A Church of Faith and Worship

MAUNDY THURSDAY – April 13th – 6:30pm
GOOD FRIDAY – April 14th – 1:00pm
EASTER SUNDAY – April 16th – 10:0AM

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In faith we gather to worship, to give thanks as a community. Especially as we approach Holy week and prepare for Easter Sunday. Easter is the heart of the Christian gospel. As we reflect at this time, Joyce and I give thanks for being called to minister with this parish. Our whole being exists from what we preach and stand for during this season. A festival that speaks to a promise from our gospel, the good news that leads us to love one another through an eternal love from our promise of eternal life in Christ.
The good news of Easter is not simply once a year or a few weeks of services where we squeeze into a pew on a Sunday morning or Good Friday afternoon. The Easter revelation must be told and broadcast by our actions day in, day out as we seek with intention, opportunities to love and care for one another. At the end of the month I’ll be leading a silent retreat with a focus on Intentional Discipleship. That is a deliberate prioritizing of our actions, individually and as a Church to encourage one another to fulfill the Easter story to those we have been called to engage.
I know to reach out to someone new or to someone whose name we can’t remember does not come naturally for many of us. Often all we need to do is trust in what we read from Isaiah, “Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated”. By stepping out in faith, we gain the passion of our lord in our hearts to be bolder still. Pray for the strength to share the gospel; of loving your neighbour one on one as we reach out to many from our neighbourhood who come to us for a dinner, for fellowship, learning and to worship. There is a sense of a growing desire and hunger for the Lord in our community, a longing is developing in many to come back and discover Epiphany. The community is looking to us in leadership and hospitality. Community associations are continuing to seek partnerships within our space and footprint on Wellington. Our recourses of volunteers, leadership in ministry and an ongoing financial stability are necessary now more than ever to sustain and encourage this growth and calling.
We ask you to pray for your church as we move forward in faith, and we ask you to consider your givings and offerings throughout the year. This is indeed a time to ask God to bless the symbols of our labour and love which we offer this Easter and each day of the year.
On behalf of the corporation, we wish you a pleasant and blessed Holy Week and an Easter that graces you with the promise of eternal peace.

Revd Brian and Joyce Perron

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