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Church of the Epiphany continues to build awareness in the community of Verdun.

There is a reciprocal need to receive both physical and spiritual nourishment. Many who come for a meal at our Thursday lunch program or have participated in our Wednesday afternoon creative classes also come out on a Sunday morning to give thanks. From literacy, a community garden, creative expressions in art cinéma and music, we are reaching out. Discussions are in the works for educational seminars to provide for open discussion in order to bring us collectively into a greater awareness for why we exist and do what we do.

Now, what can you do? If you would like to be a part of mission|EPIPHANY in Verdun, come out and say hello. And if you would like to encourage and sustain us financially now and into the future, please send us your gift or give online now by clicking on the image link. We have partnered with All donations will be receipted.

Our Initiatives and Partners…

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