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epiphany|verdun continues to build awareness in the community of Verdun.

There is a reciprocal need to receive both physical and spiritual nourishment. Many who come for a meal at our Thursday lunch program or have participated in our Wednesday afternoon creative classes also come out on a Sunday morning to give thanks. From literacy, a community garden, creative expressions in art, cinéma, and music, we are reaching out. Discussions are in the works for educational seminars to provide for open discussion in order to bring us collectively into a greater awareness for why we exist and do what we do.

Now, what can you do? If you would like to be a part of epiphany|verdun, come out and say hello. And if you would like to encourage and sustain us financially now and into the future, please send us your gift or give online now by clicking on the image link. We have partnered with All donations will be receipted.


The day to day activities and partnerships of 4322 rue Wellington, Verdun

Day to day, week to week, through partnerships 4322 Wellington has become a center of the Verdun community. Through association, synergies are developing to bring one another together with reason and purpose to encourage, sustain and love one another.

Eucharist worship services begin each week on Sunday, where the word is read and initiated into thought. Lunch follows with the congregation gathering around the community table to break bread. And also on Wednesdays, Church of the Epiphany gathers for noon Eucharist with prayer followed by a soup lunch.

The Montréal Korean community church shares our building as they worship on Sunday afternoons, Wednesday and Friday evenings as well as daily early morning prayer.

inuit|epiphany Our Rev Annie Ittoshat leads and cares for indigenous ministries in Verdun and around the city of Montreal including Dorval. Annie’s ministry seeks out the marginalized and brings together working groups from and with all first nations peoples in and around our city and community. Support Rev Annie, please give to Annie’s Inuit ministry|epiphany.

cuisine|epiphany A professional kitchen needs to be used to serve. And Epiphany does this, working through partnerships with others to feed and to educate others in the basic methods of healthy and sustainable cuisine. At least twice a month we serve community lunches where we see lives changed through fellowship over good food served with smiles. We continue to look for other groups to provide this service from the encouraging seed money we can provide from your donations to cuisine|epiphany.

espace verte|epiphany We have created a community garden adjacent to and runs the full length of our church building. We have planted vegetables to be used in our kitchen or to be given away to local food banks such a MANA-Verdun. And throughout as though a reflection of our beautiful windows we also planted flowers. A beautiful oasis in a city of concrete and brick. Help support this ministry with a donation today to espace verte|epiphany.

building|epiphany Our red brick building is beautiful and safe. However it needs regular upkeep if we want to continue everything we are called to do in Verdun. This year we have an ongoing major investment of roughly $100,000 to restore our roof and walls. Please contribute to building|epiphany for these critical renovations.

wolfpack|epiphany Wolfpack is a street initiative of Al Harrington. Beginning with three nights a week,
Al and his team of volunteers walk the streets of Montréal, visiting the parks of the city to find those living in the shadows. They offer some food and supply the basic needs to our most vulnerable street people. We are already seeing great healing with the people who live in the shadows simply by wolfpack being kind and giving a sandwich, a blanket, a smile and a listening ear. Help support this work so the teams will have enough to meet the needs of the street 7 nights a week. Donate online to wolfpack|epiphany.

Epiphany lifelong learning center continues through the week, providing a place for our neighbors to grow through learning in the community, with each relationship creating synergies that are making a difference in this world, one person and one day at a time.

Handicraft/Knitwits & Book Club. Wednesdays; 13:15 – 16:00. Members and friends of Church of the Epiphany gather on alternating Wednesday afternoons to learn creative ways to make practical items and decorations for our church suppers and bazaars. And on the 3rdWednesday of the month, our Book Club assembles to discuss fine relevant literary works.

RECLAIM Literacy is formidable in teaching adults the best practices for managing reading difficulties. RECLAIM’s hours are respected as follows: Mon.9-3:00, Tue.9-3:00, Wed.9-12:30,and Thur.9-12:30.
Together with RECLAIMand in conjunction with Verdun sans faim, epiphany|verdun prepares and serves lunches to the community on the 2ndand 4thThursday of the month, a welcome relief to many of our neighbors who are lonely or just need a good meal in a friendly environment.

Ciné-Verdun has partnered with epiphany|verdun to show film documentaries followed by a community discussion on selected Monday evenings and some Saturday afternoons. Each event is designed to teach, inspire and encourage our neighbors to realize the difference we can all make; one person and activity at a time. Next projection; Monday, February 25, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM; L’Arche d’Anote, de Matthieu Rytz.

Vegan Workshops continue to attract our health conscience neighbors on Tuesday evenings looking for alternatives to a meat diet while being aware of other dietary concerns; eating better means living better.

Got Bible? Epiphany’s biblical education series lead by Dr Jason B Crawford gathers together Tuesday evenings for those individuals seeking to know and understand the word of God; how it came to be and what it can mean in our lives today.

Verdun Army Cadets. Imagine, upwards to 50 neighborhood youth share our space on Thursday evenings seeking leadership formation with an eye to community development and service. 

Growing Together. A new initiate with CCS to give parents with children ages 0-5 a chance to meet other adults by sharing each other’s experiences while learning about local social services for them and their families. Fridays at 11:30 for discussion followed by lunch.

Our partnerships continue to grow as we expand our community garden with a neighborhood garden coordinator, Un plant de tomate à la fois. And as we collaborate with our universities to teach grief counseling alongside the indigenous, always continuing to seek ways to open our space with creative and efficient stewardship, sharing and learning together in Christ’s love and in harmony with our neighbors.

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