Worship inspires our faith and is at the centre of everything we do. Worship, or liturgy, is participatory with the congregation engaged in the singing of hymns, saying prayers, and taking communion. Anglicans typically pursue God’s love and truth through Scripture, tradition, and reason. The Anglican ethos values patience and tolerance, with an active  participation in the community we have been entrusted to feed, nurture and cherish in the name of Jesus. All are welcome!

Especially small children. We are family-friendly, and your children may either remain with you during the service or enjoy a fun time with their peers supervised by our faith-based Sunday School.

At Church of the Epiphany, we encourage all believers in Jesus Christ as Saviour to partake in Communion. If you would like to know more about Communion with us, speak with a member of our clergy following the service.

Church of the Epiphany’s greatest treasure is the love of God witnessed in the people who make our Epiphany community such a vibrant place of worship and fellowship, working every day so that others may feel the love of Christ in their lives.

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